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Dream Interpentation
According to the Quran & Sunnah
By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 132, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-116-3

Funeral Rites in Islam
By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 160, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-113-2
RM 17.50


History of Truth

By Adel M. Elsaie

Pgs. 482,P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-160-6
RM 45.00

Death, Graveyards & Funerary Architecture In Islam

By: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Spahic Omer

ISBN: 978-983-065-275-7

RM 43.00


Islamic Architecture

Its Philosophy, Spiritual Significance & Some Early Developments

   By: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Spahic Omer

   ISBN: 978-983-065-286-3

RM 39.00


Behind The Iron Veil

How the West became hated and Other

Reflections from The Islamic Lands

By: Shahzad Aziz

ISBN: 978-983-065-231-3

RM 35.00

GOD : An Islamic Perspective

By Salahuddin Ahmed

Pgs. 160, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-148-4
RM 13.00


Caring Verses

Verses for Motivation and Recovery
With Selected Verses From The Qur'an as

Translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

By: Prof. Dr. Rakmi Abd. Rahman

ISBN 978-983-065-298-6

RM 38.00


Paul and The Bible
in the Light of Islam
By Atef Sallam
Pgs. 64, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-126-2
RM 7.00


Essays on the Jinn
(Ibn Taymeeyah's)
By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 144, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-159-0
RM 12.00


Bilal (Radhiya Allah 'anhu)
By H.A.L. Craig
Pgs. 160, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-197-2
RM 14.50


The Hand of Iblis

    An Anatomy of Evil

By: Omar Zaid

ISBN: 978-983-065-295-5

RM 79.00


Arabic Reading and Writing Made Easy
By Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 122,P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-141-5
RM 25.00


Arabic Grammar Made Easy

By: Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

ISBN: 978-983-065-251-1

RM 21.00



Our Blessed Daily Dua
Compiled by Shaikh Noor
Pgs. 130, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-106-4
RM 12.00

Ninety Nine Names of Allah
By Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqui
Pgs. 178, P/B,
RM 13.00


Qualities of a Good Muslim Wife
By Taiwo Hanbal Abd Raheem
Pgs. 64, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-041-8
RM 7.00

A Blessed Pregnancy

By: Sherin Binti Kunhibava

ISBN: 978-983-065-273-3

RM 18.00


Genesis The First Book of Torah

By: Asif Azam

ISBN: 978-983-065-299-3

RM 15.00


Cain’s Creed

The Cult of Rome

By: Omar Zaid

ISBN: 978-983-065-339 6

RM 75.00



Studies in Islam - GCE 'O' Level
Edit. by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 304, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-119-4
RM 20.00


The Great Book of Miracles
By Mohammad Yasin Owadally
Pgs. 122,P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-135-4
RM 14.90


The Jewish People -

A Qur’anic Perspective

By: M. Zakir Azmi

ISBN: 978-983-065-300-6

RM 55.00


Prophecies And The Third World War

By: Khandakar Shahryer Sultan

ISBN: 978-983-065-291-7

RM 25.00


The Ethical Philosophy of Al-Ghazzali
By Prof. M. Umaruddin
Pgs. 336, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-167-5
RM 30.00


Ten Women of Paradise
By Mohammad H.R. Talukdar
Pgs. 192, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-162-0
RM 19.00



The Inevitable Victory
By Golam Al-Mahdi
Pgs. 328, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-161-3
RM 30.00



The Message of Allah -
has it Reached all Humans?
By Mohammad HR Talukdar
Pgs. 267, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-107-1
RM 19.50


The Challenge of Islam
Edit by Altaf Gauhar
Pgs. 432, P/B,

ISBN 0-906041-03-1
RM 19.90

The Rich Stopped at the Gate of Paradise
By Mohammad HR Talukdar
Pgs. 208, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-191-0
RM 21.00



Life in the Present Day World
By Salahuddin Ahmed
Pgs. 140, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-235-1
RM 14.80

The Choice: A Novel Concept of Gods Truth Revealed
By Ahmad Deedat
Pgs. 270, P/B

ISBN 978-983-065-256-6
RM 14.00


Christian Ethics
Historical & Systematic Analysis
By Prof. Dr. Ismail Al-Faruqi
Pgs. 256, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-088-3
RM 18.00



The Taqua of Marriage

Essential Knowledge For Modern Believers

By: Omar Zaid,  M.D.

ISBN: 978-983-065-321-1

RM 42.00


Straight Answers to the Controversial

    Questions About Islam

By: Dr. Noorul Hussain K. M.D. (A.M.)

    ISBN: 978-983-065-319-8

 RM 16.00

Trying To Be Muslim

By: Norhafsah Hamid

ISBN: 978-983-065-327-3

RM 20.00


Linguistics Dictionary
English - Arabic - English
Pgs. 272, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-163-7
RM 25.00


Muslim Communication
Edit. by Dr. Alpha Mahmoud Bah
Pgs. 120, P/B,

ISBN 978-983-065-201-6
RM 11.00


Al-Hajjaj Ibn Yusuf Al-Thaqafi:

 A Formidable Umayyad Viceroy in Iraq

Zakariyau I.Oseni

Pgs: 234

ISBN: 978-983-065-323-5

RM  25.00

A Book of Salawat: Selected and

Distinguished Salawats

Pgs: 80

ISBN:  978-983-065-156-9

RM  8.00

Al-Khidr: The Mysterious Wandering Green Master:

 The Guide That Reveals Secrets Ilmu'l-Batin       

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

Pgs: 96

ISBN:  978-983-065-180-4

RM  9.50


Al-Tabari The Prince of Scholars: The Mujtahid Imam

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

Pgs: 32

ISBN:  978-983-065-198-9

RM 5.80


Ashab Al-Kahf: The Astounding Story of The Sleepers

And The Resurrection.

Pgs: 108

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-073-9

RM  9.00

As-Sakhrah: The Miraculous Rock of Jerusalem

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

Pgs: 40

ISBN:  978-983-065-043-2

RM 13.00


Beautiful Names of Allah Mentioned In The Bible

Pgs: 96

Compiled By: Dr. Syed Mohammed Mohiuddin Habeebi

& Syed Ahsan Habibi

ISBN:  978-983-065-216-0

RM  8.80

Child Abuse

Pgs: 128

Muhammad Umar Chand

ISBN: 978-983-065-129-3

RM  9.80    

Christianity According to Islamic Beliefs

Pgs: 172

Maulana Dr. Waffie Mohammed

ISBN: 978-983-065-274-0

RM  18.00


Developing Creative & Critical Thinking Skills:

A Handbook For Students

Pgs: 104

Dr. Zaleha Izhab Hassoubah

 ISBN: 978-983-065-136-1

RM  7.80

Doing Cross Cultural Da'wah In Southeast Asia

Pgs: 160

Dr. Imtiyaz Yusuf

ISBN:  978-983-065-233-7

RM  15.00

Educational Administration: An Islamic Perspective

Ali Mohammad Jubran Saleh

Pgs: 176

ISBN: 978-983-065-146-0

RM 13.80


Emergence of Dajjal:The Jewish King - Revised Edition

Pgs: 88

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-244-3

RM 14.00 

Emotions of My Kind:

Islamic Poems For The Heart and Mind

Pgs: 40


ISBN:  978-983-065-258-0

RM  5.00


English Writing Skills: A Guide For EFL/ESL Learners

Pgs: 160

Yahia Ashour Mohammad Al-Khoudary

ISBN:  978-983-065-147-7

RM  13.50


From Dionysus To Jesus: Exposing Christionity's Man God

Pgs: 145

Haji Saif

ISBN:  978-983-065-207-8

RM 16.00


Harut and Marut: The Fallen Angels of Babil

Pgs: 40

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-045-6

RM  4.80


Hijaab Waali: The Veiled Girl - An English Islamic Novel

Pgs: 416

Dr. Syed Ikram Hussain Abidi

ISBN:  978-983-065-219-1

RM  34.00


Muslims History and Civilization:

A Modern Day Perspective of The Islamic Civilization –

Modern Day View of Its Histories and Mysteries

Pgs: 864 - HC

Ehsanul Karim

ISBN: 978-983-065-261-0

RM  130.00

New Explorations Into The Making of

Ibn Khaldun's Umar Mind

Pgs: 285

Mahmoud Dhaouadi

ISBN:  978-983-065-053-1

RM  24.50

Noah's Ark and The Universal Deluge

Pgs: 48

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-070-8

RM  6.00


Polygamy in Islam (The Rationale and Laws Behind)

Pgs: 112

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips & Jameelah Jones

ISBN: 978-983-065-142-2

RM  9.50

Prophecies & Predictions:

Pgs: 120

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-281-8

RM  14.00


QAF: The Mysterious Emerald Mountain Decoded:

A Weird World Within

This World Separating The Seen From The Unseen

With Strange Creatures, cities and Events

Pgs: 44

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-077-7

RM  4.20


Reproduction Technology or Adultery?: An Islamic Perspective:An Interview With Dr. Ilham al Talib

Pgs: 64

Zeenath Kausar

ISBN:  978-983-065-092-0

RM  6.50



Sadum Wa Ghamurah: The Annihilation of Sodom And Gomorrah

Pgs: 32

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-071-5

 RM 3.50



School Counselling: The Nature of Man in Islam As Its Foundation

Pgs: 161

Taiwo Hanbal Abdul Raheem

ISBN:  978-983-065-067-8

RM  14.90



The Arabian Nights: The Unrivalled and Evergreen

 Tales of The East: Alif Laila Wa-Laila Hazar Afsana

Pgs: 92

Mohammad Yasin Owadally


RM  9.50



The City of Giants: A Thrilling Tale During

The Time of Musa AS

Pgs: 32

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-101-9

RM 4.50



The 21st Century Muslim: Get to Know Them

Pgs: 160

Hadiza Wada, DBA

ISBN:  978-983-065-242-9

RM  15.00



The Great Book of Al-Imam Al-Azam Abu Hanifa RA: he Greatest Imam


Mohamad Yasin Owadally


RM 13.00



The Islamic Concept of Animal Slaughter

Pgs: 80

Edit by: Qazi Mujahidul Islam Qasmi

ISBN:  978-983-065-240-5




The Message of Allah: "Read In The Name of Thy Lord" Has it Reached All Humans?

Pgs: 256

Mohammad H.R. Talukdar

ISBN: 978-983-065-107-1

RM  19.50


The Rich Stopped at the Gate of Paradise

Pgs: 208

Mohammad H.R. Talukdar

ISBN: 978-983-065-191-0

RM  21.00



The Rise of Islam

Harun Yahya

Pgs: 216

 ISBN: 978-983-065-165-1

RM  55.00


The Ring of King Sulaiman AS

Pgs: 48

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-042-5

RM  5.00


The Shimmering Tale of The Char Darvesh:

Adventures of The Four Dervishes-Adapted From

The Famous Persian Novel of Saint Ameer Khusro RA

Pgs: 224

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-280-1

RM 19.50

The Sinking Kingdom of Qarun: Sixty Camels Were

Needed to Carry The Keys of His Treasures

Pgs: 41

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-080-7

RM 4.80

The Story of Yajuj-Wa-Majuj and The Wall

Pgs: 36

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-044-8

RM  8.00


The Unparalleled Patience of Prophet Ayub AS:

Sabr - E - Ayub - A Heart-Melting Story of Trials,

Patience and Rewards

Pgs: 48

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-079-1

RM 6.30

World Salat Times

Pgs: 56

Mohammad Ilyas

ISBN:  978-983-065-085-2

RM  6.00


Milestones -  Ma’alim Fi’l Tareeq

 By: Sayyid Qutb

 Edit by: A.B. al-Mehri

 ISBN: 978-967-10150-5-6

RM 38.00


Al-Ghazzali - The Mysteries of Purity

Being a translation with notes of the Kitab

Asrar al-Taharah of Al-Ghazzali Ihya Ulum al-Din

Translated by: Nabih Amin Faris

ISBN: 978-967-10150-1-8

RM 13.00

Islam is My Choice

Fascinating Conversion Stories of New Muslim

Compiled by: Muqeem Ul Islam

ISBN: 978-983-065-309-9

RM 19.00


Al-Ghazzali - Adab Al Nikah

 The Proper Conduct of Marriage in Islam

Book Twelve of Al-Ghazzali Ihya Ulum al-Din

 Translated by: Muhtar Holland

ISBN: 978-967-10150-4-9

RM 22.00


Shaddad's Lost Paradise

Pgs: 64

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-102-6

RM 7.50


Tabut The Heavenly Ark & Other Stories

Pgs: 120

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

 ISBN: 978-983-065-072-2

RM  12.50


The Phenomenal Landing of Adam A.S. in Sarandib:

The Story of Adam a.s. And His Landing on A Fabulous Mountain in The Indian Ocean

Pgs: 145

Mohamad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-078-4

RM 12.00


Idris A.S.: His Sciences & Its Ascension to Heaven

Pgs: 42

Mohammad Yasin Owadally

ISBN: 978-983-065-064-7

RM  4.80


Marvellous Islamic Stories

Pgs: 43

Mohammed Yasin Owadally

ISBN:  978-983-065-094-4

RM  4.50


Millenniun Malay

Pgs: 352


ISBN: 978-983-065-287-0

RM  33.00

Islam & Housing

By: Spahic Omer

ISBN: 978-983-065-305-1

RM 38.00

When Religion is Not What It Used To Be

By: Yamin Cheng

ISBN: 978-983-065-333-4

RM 18.00


Misconceptions by Deceptions

The Struggle to Expose The Lies

By: Ahmad Abdul Razzaq Yaseen

ISBN: 978-983-065-315-0

RM 12.00


The Book of Knowledge:

Being a Translation with Notes of Kitab al-Ilm of

Al-Ghazzali's Ihya Ulum al-Din

By: Imam Al-Ghazzali's,

Trans by: Nabih Amin Faris

ISBN:  978-967-11539-3-2

RM 35.00



Personality Building A Sirah Perspective

By: M. Zakir Azmi

ISBN: 978-983-065-332-7

RM 28.00


Daily Rays of Light

A Compilation of Verses from the Qur’an

and Sayings of theProphet Muhammad (pbuh)

in the Form of an Evergreen Calendar

A calendar by: Nur Sulaiman

ISBN: 978-967-10150-9-4         

RM 45.00



A Survey of Early Muslim Historiography

By: Muhidin Mulalic

ISBN: 978-983-065-334-1

RM 30.00



Guide For Muslims 

(Indexed to the Qur’an)

By: Salahuddin Ahmed

ISBN: 978-983-065-360-0

RM 42.00



The Mosque As A Community Center

A Concept and Evolution

By: Dr. Spahic Omer

ISBN: 978-983-065-358-7

RM 45.00



Islamic Rules on Menstruation and

Post-Natal Bleeding - Revised Edition

By: Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

ISBN: 978-983-065-112-5

RM 16.80



What is Religion?

Islam and the Quest of Religious Inquiry

By: Yamin Cheng

ISBN: 978-983-065-359-4

RM 16.50





The Metamorphosis of Myth

By: Omar Zaid

ISBN: 978-983-350-1

RM 33.00



Back to Basics

(Trying to be Muslim)

By: Norhafsah Hamid

ISBN: 978-983-065-363-1 

RM 30.00



Finding God In The Spectrum of Creation

A Journey in the Worldview of Islam

By: Yamin Cheng

ISBN:  978-983-065-353-2

RM 16.80





A manual for character Development

By: Dr. Habib Siddiqui

ISBN: 978-983-065-355-6

RM 40.00 




Jerusalem Zion & Sion

Truth, Lies, Occult Background, Historicity

By: Omar Zaid

ISBN: 978-983-065-361-7

RM 32.00



Role of Muslim Women in Society

By: Afzalur Rahman

ISBN:  978-983-065-352-5

RM 68.00




Butterfly Wings

A Story About Overcoming Difficulties

By: Zarina Hassem

ISBN: 978-983-065-343-3

RM 25.00 







Islamic Studies - Book 1
By Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 180,P/B,

ISBN: 978-983-065-172-9
RM 25.00


Islamic Studies - Book 2
By Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 200,P/B,

ISBN: 978-983-065-173-6
RM 25.00


Islamic Studies - Book 3
By Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips
Pgs. 200,P/B,

ISBN: 978-983-065-174-3
RM 25.00

PER SET RM 66.00

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